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Extra Long "L" Bolts

Extra Long "L" Bolts

This security product involves only single and double outswing doors with extra wide jambs. The factory 6 ½” “L” bolts are not long enough for your situation. When first placing your order, find out if dimension [D] is more than 5”. If so, you need extra long bolts. Click (here) to download jamb measuring instructions.

The picture above shows the 13" Extra Long "L" Bolts and the picture below shows it compared to the standard bolts.(6 1/2" long)

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Bolt Size: 13” long

Model Number: SB-P1-1015

Installation: Simply replace the factory bolts with the extra long bolts. They may be a little too long. Complete the total bar installation and used your “STEEL GRIP”With bar in the locked position on the door, cut off the excess length, leaving a ½ “ for the red end caps.

Building and fire codes: Customers should always comply with your local building codes. We feel our bar is emergency sensitive and it requires no special knowledge or effort to remove. Note that you are able to lock bar in storing bracket with padlock (not included). That is, you can lock it in the unlocked position.



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