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Exit Security - Exit Door Steel Security Bars

About Exit Security

We have been family owned and operated for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in delivering the finest door security hardware in the industry.

We take most major credit cards and your order can be custom sized and shipped within one day of receipt. In most cases we can process your product for shipping on the same day you call!

We offer products for:

Single Doors or Double Doors

Outswing Doors or Inswing doors

Customers should always comply with local building codes. We feel that no special knowledge or effort is needed to remove the security bar.

Ralph Roden

Ralph graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Business and Math. Ralph started Exit Security with an idea. He has over 40 years of experience in commercial construction, sales, marketing, and manufacturing. Ralph knew there was a need to secure commercial stores and facilities from unwanted break-ins. He also knew whatever was created must be easy to use and simple to install for it to be effective. So, that thought in mind, Ralph invented the Security Bar. His design was so revolutionary he was able to patent it and began manufacturing the bars out of top quality steel and other components. Today, Ralph has 3 patents and continues to oversee Exit Security. As you can see, Ralph has a love for golf.

ScottProduction Manager:
Scott Mathews

Scott has overseen production for Exit Security since 1994. He was a perfect fit with his experience in security services. He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement from Sam Houston State. Scott takes his job very seriously. In fact, after he left the direct security business to work for Exit Security, the crime went back up at his previous employer and they tried to coax him back. But, he saw the vision that Exit Security had and his knowledge and expertise have helped us become not only one of the top rated security hardware companies in America, but also has helped maintain the quality and production needed to ensure the high level of customer satisfaction we know today.


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